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Service Dog Responds To Woman’s Pass Out Spell

Meet Colt, the service dog that has learned to alert and respond to seizures as well as pass out spell or syncope.

His human Janaye shared this video in hopes of raising awareness to what service dogs do.

She wrote:

I pass out because of my TBI, and my heart issues cause by my seizures. This is how he is trained to respond to a pass out spell. He alerts 15 mins or so before hand, giving me enough time to get in a safe place and lay down. We will get into pass out position (description and shown in video) He will then lick my hands when I pass out and listen to my breathing and heart beat to make sure nothing is wrong. When I start to come to he will do DPT (deep pressure therapy) and lick my face, this helps bring me back around much faster. I am able to live a semi normal life because of my service dog.

Colt is a hero!

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: Rumble

Source: Rumble

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