Sen. Rand Paul Blocks Emergency Coronavirus Bill In Senate

Sen. Rand Paul blocks emergency COVID-19 coronavirus bill

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky just delayed bipartisan legislation in the Senate to help people affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Senate leaders wanted to fast track the bill on Tuesday but Sen. Rand Paul slammed the brakes by pushing an unnecessary amendment. The vote is now delayed as the Senate takes up the amendment on Wednesday.

The emergency COVID-19 coronavirus bill includes "provisions for free coronavirus testing, secures paid emergency leave, enhanced unemployment insurance, strengthened food security initiatives, and increased federal Medicaid funding to states." (Via NBC News)

However, Sen. Rand Paul forced a vote on his amendment which would "require a social security number for purposes of the child tax credit, and to provide the President the authority to transfer funds as necessary, and to terminate United States military operations and reconstruction activities in Afghanistan."

Wait, what? Afghanistan? He's delaying the emergency bill because of Afghanistan? This man is a disgrace.

We needed this type of bill weeks ago and Sen. Rand Paul is still playing political games. Shame on you Rand Paul!