Selena Gomez releases new single, ‘Good For You’ featuring A$AP Rocky

Selena Gomez is back and all grown up! After releasing her first greatest hits album last year, she’s now back with her latest new full release this year, which is preceded by this single, “Good For You” featuring A$AP Rocky.

With this track, it is clear that Selena has officially transitioned out of the teen scene and the song even seems to be about sex. However, I listened to Selena debut the song on Z100 today and she claims that is not, she says it’s more about her becoming a young woman. That’s neither here nor there as you can actually hear her moaning on the track…but anyway LOL.

selena Gomez Asap Rocky good for you

Another thing she said in the interview is that she knows she may not be the greatest singer but she knows her strengths and this song plays on that as she embraces the sultry rasp. Yes Selena! She better know what works!! But really, that’s good.

Many people online are drawing comparisons to Lana Del Rey on this song and it seems as Selena serious about coming into her own!

See for yourself below:

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