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Scott Disick Will Join ‘Dancing With the Stars 22’, But Only If They Pay Him $500K

So it turns out Scott Disick is being courted for the next season of Dancing With the Stars. However, he’s refusing to accept the invite unless the show pays him $500K. That’s right, Scott Disick wants a half a million dollars guaranteed. Only then will he appear on Season 22 of ABC’s celebrity dance competition.

This, despite the fact that Disick stretches the definition of “star”. Other than appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, his most notable claim to fame is being the father of Kourtney Kardashians three kids, and causing a ton of drama when that relationship went south. Granted, Dancing With the Stars doesn’t exactly have a high bar when it comes to how big of a star you have to be in order to qualify for the show, but you’d think the series could do better than this.

Apparently, this isn’t even the first time Disick has been invited to join the cast. But this is the first time he’s actually considered going on the show.

Scott Disick Will Join 'Dancing With the Stars 22', But Only If They Pay Him $500K

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According to TMZ, the Dancing With the Stars exec who called Disick stressed that all the stars must be paid the same amount initially, with pay structures varying based on how far into the competition they get. Disick was offered a guarantee of $125K, with an additional $345K only if he could get to the finals. But Disick is apparently refusing to budge on his asking price. Perhaps he’s deterred by seeing how hard Bindi Irwin had to fight in court to get her DWTS money after she won last season. Either way, this should give some indication of just how highly he values his time, for right or wrong.

I’d say just cut him loose. I doubt Disick is worth the trouble. Although this makes me worry about just who they’ve got lined up if they’re trying this hard to get Scott Disick on the cast. I guess we’ll see when the show returns next month.

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