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Scott Borchetta Reveals ‘American Idol XIV’ Finale Schedule

We’re nearing the end of the road for American Idol XIV, and there are more questions than answers. Since this is the show’s first once-a-week season, meaning there haven’t been proper results shows to give us some separation between performances and the contestants finding out their fates. This introduces an issue, since it’s not like we’re going to have the Top 2 perform and then wait a week to find out the winner. Or will we?

Scott Borchetta sat down with Billboard and revealed the schedule for the finale, including when the Top 2 will perform, and when we’ll find out who the 14th American Idol will be.

Scott Borchetta Reveals 'American Idol XIV' Finale Schedule

Credit: Michael Becker / FOX

Billboard: “The math doesn’t seem to work if you go by past seasons — how will we get down to a final two in just two weeks?”
Borchetta: “This week, we went from five to four. … Next week we’ll go from four to three and on Tuesday, May 12, from three to two. The winner will be announced May 13. Big Machine recording contract on May 14.”

So there you have it. This Wednesday, the final four become the final three. They then perform for your votes. Next Tuesday, May 12, the final two will be revealed, and that will be the final performance show of the season, as the winner will be declared the next night, on Wednesday, May 13.

As much as I love Idol, I’m kind of ready for this season to be over. Hell, that goes triple for The Voice, and that show has far more suspense on who the winner might be than this one. That said, my exhaustion has nothing to do with a lack of love for either show, since both are among my favorites on TV. The real culprit is simply I’m amped for America’s Got Talent 10. No, seriously. I’m shamelessly abuzz for it.

But back to the Idol business at hand, who do you think will be in the finale? And which singer will be declared the American Idol for 2015? Sound off in the comments!

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