Scarlett Johansson Delivers Powerful Speech at Women’s March (VIDEO)

Hollywood was out in force at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. as part of the crowd advocating for Planned Parenthood and other women’s rights issues. Among those in attendance was Scarlett Johansson, who delivered a powerful speech on the podium.

Johansson noted that while she didn’t vote for Donald Trump, she respects that he is the President of the United States, and wants to support him. However, she asks that he support women like her, and to stand up for women who haven’t had the same privileges as Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, has had. It’s powerful stuff, and surprisingly respectful, considering how Hollywood has pretty much lashed out against Trump. Watch the video below:

Scarlett Johansson Delivers Powerful Speech at Women's March (VIDEO)

Source: Twitter

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