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Scared Homeless Pit Bull Gets New Lease On Life (VIDEO)

When a dog is left to fend for herself, it can result in that dog’s trust in humans becoming completely compromised. That means they can be aggressive and hostile when rescuers try to intervene. But, as with any rescue, patience is a virtue.

In this video, we learn about a small, scared, homeless pit bull named Eden, who just refuses to trust any human who comes near her. In one of the more enthralling rescues we’ve seen from Hope For Paws, Eden has to be subdued with a net! Her terror is apparent, but once she’s put in the snare, and the rescuers have a chance to show Eden they mean her no harm, the dog becomes docile. Before long, she’s off to the hospital to be treated. Once there, she thanks her rescuer for helping to give her a new lease on life. It’s like little Eden is a completely different dog from the scared, shivering, snarling dog Hope For Paws initially found. Here’s hoping Eden was eventually able to find a good home. Watch the video below:

Scared Homeless Pit Bull Gets New Lease On Life (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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