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Sawyer Fredericks Sold Nearly 1 Million Singles On ‘The Voice’

The Voice winner Sawyer Fredericks sold nearly 1 million singles during his run on the show and is on pace to become the highest selling artist on the show ever.

From Republic Records:

Sawyer broke many records for THE VOICE as he had 14 songs in the iTunes Top 200 Singles Chart this week (a new show record!), each time he performed during the show’s live rounds his single reached Top 10 on iTunes Singles Chart (a new show record) and his first day sales of “Please” came close to breaking the first day number of singles sold in the history of show. These accomplishments are not surprising as Sawyer has sold nearly 1 million singles in total during his time on the show – at his current pace he’s quickly on his way to becoming the highest selling artist ever on THE VOICE. Absolutely amazing!!

Now, he immediately heads into the studio to begin recording with us at Republic Records.

Sawyer Fredericks Sold Nearly 1 Million Singles On 'The Voice'

Wow, congrats.

This sounds like The Voice might, just might, get their first “star” in 8 seasons. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for all the support Team Sawyer! I see you guys. Well done.

Sawyer is said to be “returning to the farm” to write new music, but before that, he performed “Imagine” for Red Nose Day last week.

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