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Sawyer Fredericks sings ‘Simple Man’ on The Voice 2015 Top 8 (VIDEO)

Sawyer Fredericks sang “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd on The Voice 2015 Season 8 Top 8 on Monday, April 27 for Team Pharrell Williams.

Sawyer sounds pretty damn great here, although this is one situation where I wish the band had never kicked in, since I thought this was downright brilliant as an acoustic track. Still, Sawyer is growing by leaps and bounds every week when it comes to stage presence, as he looks almost natural when he traverses the stage, mic in hand, guitar strapped over his shoulder, and singing to the crowd. And he seems to enjoy the response they’re giving him, which makes him all the more endearing, since he comes across as a kid who’s only just realizing the magnitude of what he’s accomplishing. This wasn’t my favorite Sawyer performance, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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Sawyer Fredericks sings 'Simple Man' on The Voice 2015 Top 8 (VIDEO)

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