Sawyer Fredericks releases ‘Please’ official video

Sawyer Fredericks could be less than 24 hours away from winning The Voice Season 8. So it’s no surprise that the show is getting a jump on his potential success by unveiling his first music video.

The music video is for Sawyer’s winner’s single, “Please”, a track written for him by his idol, Ray LaMontagne. It’s a beautiful little ditty that’s perfectly-tailored to Sawyer’s unique gifts. His performance of the song on The Voice 2015 Finale was among the best performances of the night, due in large part to just how strong a song this ended up being for him. And hey, the music video is a nice match, to boot! Even if I didn’t already love Ray LaMontagne, I probably would have bough Sawyer’s winner’s single on iTunes anyway. This is just icing on the cake. Totally clicked “Buy”.

Sawyer Fredericks releases ‘Please’ official video

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