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Sarah Potenza Tackles Matt McAndrew’s ‘Wasted Love’ on The Voice 2015 Knockouts (VIDEO)

Sarah Potenza sang “Wasted Love” on The Voice 2015 Season 8 Knockouts on Monday, March 23 for Team Blake Shelton.

Sarah squared off against Brian Johnson, who sang the soulful James Morrison track “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You”. Naturally, I thought both singers did a superb job, but I have the edge to Sarah, who did a hell of a job stacking up against the Matt McAndrew original, even if she didn’t surpass it (although that’d be a tall order for anyone). Sarah said in the episode that she picked the song because she and her husband were high school sweethearts who broke up for six years before reuniting. She feels those years were her “wasted love,” and it’s that sentiment that helped this be as good as it was, although a lot of it was the brilliance of the song choice too. Hell, Blake even brings in Matt McAndrew, whom Sarah reveals is her favorite Voice contestant of all-time. It’s a cool little moment. Part of me still can’t believe Matt didn’t win last season.


Winner: Sarah Potenza

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Sarah Potenza sings “Wasted Love”

Sarah Potenza Tackles Matt McAndrew's 'Wasted Love' on The Voice 2015 Knockouts (VIDEO)

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