Samantha Johnson Lays It Down With ‘Lay Me Down’ on America’s Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Samantha Johnson brought down the house with her stunning rendition of “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith on America’s Got Talent 10!

Dude, Samantha is SO pretty, you guys. But beyond that, she’s also super-talented. She talks about how her mother was invested in her as a child, teaching her everything she knows about music, until one day…she just left. She left her father and left the entire family. As the oldest of six kids, she stepped up to become the mother and help keep the family together. Her father lets Samantha know that the family wouldn’t have stuck together without her, and Samantha goes on to state she’s the singer she is today because of the good things and the bad things that have happened to her. Watch the magic unfold once she hits the stage by checking out the video below:

Samantha Johnson Lays It Down With 'Lay Me Down' on America's Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Howie asks how that feels, and Samantha says it felt amazing. He then singles out Samantha’s father and says he can’t imagine how proud he must be. Mel B can’t believe how beautiful Samantha sounds, calling it “mind-blowing”. Neil feels the deck is stacked against singers in this competition, since there are so many other shows that focus on singers. So to stand out, it needs to be extraordinary. However, he feels Samantha was just that. And Heidi agrees. Looking like Samantha is a sure thing, and that’s a damn good thing.

FINAL RESULT: Samantha Johnson advances to Radio City Music Hall!

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