Sam Smith Videobombs Local News Segment (VIDEO)

Following his recovery from vocal cord surgery, Sam Smith is hitting the road once again to continue his tour. The latest stop brought him to Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheater, where he found himself in a bit of mischief.

When Denver’s ABC 7 News filmed a special interest segment on the historic landmark, interviewing local patrons about the location’s significance, Sam just so happened to be in the area. So he took the opportunity to videobomb the segment, flashing a peace sign and generally making mischievous faces until he was told to “get out of here.” It’s funny stuff, and it’s also heartening to see Sam in such good spirits.

Watch the silly video below:

Sam Smith Videobombs a Local News Segment (VIDEO)

Sam’s tour continues with a stop in Squamish, British Columbia on Friday, and an appearance at the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco on Sunday.

Perhaps he’ll perform “Omen”, his awesome new single with Disclosure! Or maybe not. But either way, he should be really happy with how the music video turned out. Very cool stuff.

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