Safari Names Llama After Ronda Rousey, Means It In a Nice Way

You might not thinking having a llama named after you would be an honor, considering they’re hairy, clumsy-looking, and generally don’t smell that great. But dammit, they’re cute! So maybe having a llama named in your honor isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world. If nothing else, the fine folks of one Brazilian safari don’t mean to offend.

The Portobello Resort and Safari has named one of their llamas after UFC sensation Ronda Rousey, just five weeks after she defeated Brazilian bantamweight Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro. This comes as the result of a contest in which guests at the resort would be able to vote on a name for the animal. Ronda was chosen over Angel, the name of a character from a popular Brazilian TV drama.

Safari Names Llama After Ronda Rousey, Means It In a Nice Way

Credit: Variety

“Usually when an animal is born at the Portobello safari, an animal which has a slightly longer gestation, we select the two most talked names in that period as a tribute,” said an official with the resort. “In this case, Ronda was the name chosen by guests.”

Ultimately, while naming a llama after someone wouldn’t seem like a huge proof of one’s popularity, this feels like an affirmation of Ronda’s star power. Hell, it says a lot about Ronda that she can be this big in Brazil, considering she’s only about a month removed from having knocked out one of their native countrymen.

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