‘Sabado Gigante’ Canceled After 53 Years

Univision has canceled “Sabado Gigante” after being on the air for more than 53 years. The network announced that the show will end on September 19, 2015.

The variety show starring Don Francisco launched in 1962 on Chile’s Channel 13 and has been one the most watched shows among Hispanics.

'Sabado Gigante' Canceled After 53 Years

From Variety:

“During my 40 years in the industry I have met few people with the same energy, creativity and passion for television and the audience as Mario, and I join in celebrating him and his team at ‘Sabado Gigante’ for the great success and the milestones achieved in broadcast television,” said Randy Falco, president and CEO of Univision Communications Inc. “Mario is an important part of the Univision family, and his knowledge of the industry and commitment to innovation will help us to continue defining the future of the media industry.”

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