Ryback Possibly Done With WWE Following Heated Contract Dispute

Could this be the end for Ryback in WWE?

Reportedly, Ryback was sent home last night from the live Monday Night Raw taping in St. Louis due to a heated contract dispute with Vince McMahon. He had been scheduled to compete in the U.S. Championship No. 1 Contenders Battle Royal, but was nowhere to be found on the show.

According to, the friction started about a month ago after Ryback made comments to radio personality Myles during WWE’s tour stop in Dubai last month. In the surprisingly candid interview, Ryback voiced his frustrations about his spot in the company, and how he was used at Wrestlemania. Generally, speaking out in public against the company is a terrible idea if you want to keep your job, but Ryback doesn’t particularly seem to care about propriety at this point.

Ultimately, this all led to a meeting with Vince McMahon yesterday afternoon. They reportedly discussed renewing his contract, which expires this summer. However, Ryback wasn’t exactly thrilled with the offer, as The Big Guy felt he was being low-balled. Neither side could come to an agreement, so Vince suggested Ryback just go home. Ryback agreed, and the rest is history.

Ryback Possibly Done With WWE Following Heated Contract Dispute

Credit: WWE

Really, I can’t say I blame Ryback for leaving, since he’s showing backbone that very few midcarders in his position ever really show in WWE these days. So many guys are just so happy to be in WWE that they take whatever Vince gives them, without ever standing up for themselves or campaigning for a better spot. While this might not work out in Ryback’s favor, it says a lot that he’s willing to walk away, since it suggests he doesn’t really need WWE. Then again, they don’t really need him either, so this could just be a giant split between the two parties. But Ryback remaining firm on his own worth seems like the kind of thing Vince McMahon might respect. So I guess we’ll see how this goes down. For now, however, it really does feel like we might have seen the end of Ryback on WWE television.

What do you think? Is Ryback worthy of a bigger push/more money? Or should both sides cut their losses? Sound off in the comments!

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