Ryback Explains Why He Never Dated Anyone In WWE

Ryback continues his tour of outspoken tales from WWE, ever since being released earlier this year. In perhaps the most random interview yet, Ryback explains why he never actually dated anyone in the company during his stint in WWE.

It all comes from a recent Q&A session in Newcastle, UK. In the video, Ryback was asked which “Diva” he’d like to “smash” and why, prompting The Big Guy to respond that he never actually dated anyone in WWE, and never really intended to. His rationale is that it doesn’t typically end well when a wrestler gets involved with another wrestler. Ryback’s full response via ILikeWrestling (H/T WrestlingInc for the transcription):

“Joey Mercury used to tell us, early on in developmental, don’t poop where you eat, but he used to use another word, essentially. Now you kind of see some of the other wrestlers dating the Divas and marrying them, which they take that to another level. For me, I tried to talk to all of them, [be] friendly with all of them. I always kind of remembered that early on seeing instances where it goes bad and it never ends up well. I felt like I was in a position if I wanted to go that route it wouldn’t have been a problem or truly affected me, but I’ve seen it affect other guys.”

Ryback Explains Why He Never Dated Anyone In WWE

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The fan tried to interject and state that he wasn’t asking who Ryback would date, but who he would want to have sex with (or “smash”), prompting Ryback to clarify:

“You have to see that smashing leads to that whole different mindset altogether. And before you know it, you’re riding together, and then, you’re hanging out at the arena all day, and it’s no good. So you avoid that smashing step altogether from what I was told and I always adhered to that. And I had enough trouble at WWE for things I talk about on the podcast this week, with my ankle, I didn’t need to add any of that to the fire.”

Well, considering the amount of wrestling romances that have ended disastrously (Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, Kevin Sullivan and Nancy Sullivan, Matt Hardy and Lita, Drew Galloway and Taryn Terrell), Ryback’s not exactly wrong. Granted, his career didn’t go soaring into the stratosphere simply for having avoided a backstage romance. But it’s easy to imagine that he might not have even made it to the level he did if he had become involved in a volatile relationship. That kind of thing is what ruined Galloway’s career in WWE, and prevented John Morrison from ascending to a higher level, depending on whom you ask (since Melina wasn’t exactly the most beloved superstar in the company during her tenure). Of course, for every disastrous relationship, there are several that appear to be working out just fine, such as Naomi and Jimmy Uso, Natalya and Tyson Kidd, The Miz and Maryse, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, John Cena and Nikki Bella, even CM Punk and AJ Lee. Those were relationships that started out casual but blossomed into something more. So I guess it all depends on the people involved. That said, I can’t blame Ryback for his stance on backstage romance, even if it’s purely physical.

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