Is Ryan Gosling joining Emma Watson in Disney’s ‘Beauty & the Beast?’

Hollywood insider blog, The Tracking Board, is claiming that Disney has offered Ryan Gosling the co-starring role in the live-action adaption of Beauty & The Best. 

If this casting falls through this is about to be a big movie on all fronts!

Harry Potter star Emma Watson was announced to be starring at Belle late last month.

The movie, anticipated to be a musical, is set for production later this year, but a tentative release date has not been announced.

Is Ryan Gosling joining Emma Watson in Disney's 'Beauty & the Beast?'

Disney is on a roll with this live-acton remakes of classic animated movies. Alice In Wonderland came out and Cinderella is due soon. B&TB and The Jungle Book are being prepared and a live-action The Little Mermaid is reportedly being talked about as well.

Source: The Tracking Board

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