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Royal Corgi Tea Party Celebrates the Queen’s Reign – Adorable! (VIDEO)

This week, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch in history. So, naturally, such an honor requires a celebration of royal proportions. Of course, nobody said anything about that celebration involving the Queen herself.

In honor of Queen Elizabeth’s momentous achievement, a group of corgis enjoyed a tea party. And it’s fitting, considering how often a corgi can be found walking alongside the Queen. She loves dogs, and so do we! In short, this is an absolutely adorable video, as the four corgi pals — Hazel Bear, Missy, Newton and Wally — feast on dog biscuits and “tea” (well, water, in this case). It’s certainly up there with the cutest videos we’ve ever posted, so be sure to watch the whole video below:

Royal Corgi Tea Party Celebrates the Queen's Reign - Adorable! (VIDEO)

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