Ronda Rousey’s Mom Thinks She Should Retire From UFC (VIDEO)

Ronda Rousey got obliterated by Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, and the loss has many questioning whether or not Ronda will even continue in MMA. While her mother, Judo champion AnnMaria De Mars, may not have the answers, she certainly knows what she, personally, would like to see her daughter do: retire.

In a brief interview with TMZ Sports following Ronda’s devastating loss, De Mars explains that no one likes to see their kid get hit in the face, and that Ronda has other potential avenues for success, such as movies, writing, and producing. Of course, De Mars makes a point of noting that it’s best not to make career decisions when emotional, and it’s hard not to be emotional after such a tough loss. Although brief, it’s an interesting little interview, providing a window into what goes through the mind of a mother of an MMA fighter, particularly one as well-known as Ronda. Watch the video below:

Ronda Rousey's Mom Thinks She Should Retire From UFC (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

What do you think about what Ronda Rousey’s mom had to say? Should Ronda retire? Does she have a future in movies/writing/producing? Sound off in the comments!

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