Roman Reigns Wins WWE Championship, Holds Emotional Off-Air Celebration (VIDEO)

It was a momentous occasion on last night’s episode of Raw. In the wake of WWE TLC 2015, Vince McMahon returned to TV to fire Roman Reigns for assaulting HHH after the main event ended. However, Reigns was able to coax McMahon into giving him one last shot at the title. Either Reigns wins the title, or he’s fired.

So the main event featured Reigns against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, career vs. title. It was a pretty great match, all things considered, as the Philly crowd that initially booed Reigns out of the building at Royal Rumble 2015 were suddenly behind him 100%. Over the course of the match, we saw interference from Rusev, Alberto Del Rio, and even Mr. McMahon himself: and each and every one of them received Superman Punches from Reigns, to the delight of the crowd. We even saw some blood, as Reigns waffled Sheamus with a nasty headbutt. It all culminated in a final spear out of nowhere that put Sheamus down for the three count. Finally, Roman Reigns was WWE World Heavyweight Champion once again. You can watch match highlights below, complete with Roman’s off-air victory celebration:

Roman Reigns Wins WWE Championship, Holds Emotional Off-Air Celebration (VIDEO)

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