Roman Reigns Replacing John Cena on WWE India Tour

The upcoming WWE tour of India is losing John Cena but gaining Roman Reigns.

The current WWE champion will be filling in for Cena, who announced yesterday that he will be getting shoulder surgery in Birmingham, Alabama. Believed to be a rotator cuff injury, Cena will be on the shelf for 6-9 months, meaning he’ll miss arguably the biggest event of all-time, Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas.

As for the specifics of the substitution, Reigns will replace Cena on the January live events that are due to take place in New Delhi, India. No word on whom he’ll face, nor how Cena’s injury will affect ticket sales just yet. But since WWE clearly wants Reigns to be the new John Cena, this will be his chance to prove himself, not only as a fan favorite who can carry the company under pressure, but as a draw who can put asses in seats. I know the push for Reigns has been overbearing at times, but I’m rooting for him to succeed. Seriously, WWE needs all the top stars they can get right now.

Roman Reigns Replacing John Cena on WWE India Tour

Credit: WWE

On that subject, it should be interesting to see Reigns pitted against some of the stars who are on their way to the company, such as NJPW champs AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. I think those guys could not only have great matches with Reigns, but great programs as well. Here’s hoping.

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