Rob Schneider + Jennifer Love Hewitt Crowned Worst-Reviewed Actors in Hollywood

The website Vox posed one simple question this week: which well-known actors and actresses appear in the most badly reviewed movies?

To the surprise of no one, the answer was simple: Rob Schneider and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The ranking was determined by using Metacritic scores, which aggregates movie reviews and other factors to determine a score from 0 to 100, zero being the worst.

Rob Schneider Jennifer Love Hewitt Worst Reviewed List

Credit: Touchstone Pictures/20th Century Fox

Unsurprisingly, Rob Schneider topped the list of actors with all his movies averaging a 30 Metacritic score, followed by Adam Sandler (36), Ashton Kutcher (37), Kevin James (38) and Taylor Lautner (39).

Jennifer Love Hewitt followed closely behind with 32. Other actresses to score a spot in the top five include Jessica Alba (38), Katherine Heigl (39), Denise Richards (41) and Alicia Silvertstone (42).

Head to Vox for the entire list!

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