Rihanna cover of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ Leaks (AUDIO)

Rihanna’s cover of the Madonna classic ‘Vogue’ has leaked on YouTube.

Rihanna recorded this for Fashion Rocks 2008 as a guide track for a live performance.

I don’t know. This was quite anemic. Very middle-to-low-end karaoke.

I like one of the comments on YouTube:

From Jerey Kobalt: “Nice cover, but compared to the original, it’s a bit reductive…”

This however is making me clamor for a real Madonna Rihanna collaboration! I think they are due for one. If RiRi and Shakira can do it, I think Rihanna could do one with the queen! Like they all go by one name, that’s amazing.

Listen here:

H/T: Attitude

Rihanna cover of Madonna's 'Vogue' Leaks (AUDIO)

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