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Ridiculous Lizard Greets Owner Like A Dog (VIDEO)

Lizards might seem like they’re a bit on the lazy side, but they actually have heaps of personality. In fact, you could argue they’re more like dogs than meets the eye!

In this video, we meet a Cayman brac iguana named Buddy, who clearly loves his owner. As his owner returns from working to wash his hands, he finds he’s being greeted by his aptly-named pal, in the same way a dog would greet his master! According to the owner in the video description, a lot of people don’t believe how tame Buddy is, but this ridiculous little iguana is not just tame, he’s downright friendly (not to mention cute, to boot). It’s a hearty reminder that some animals have more personality than many will give them credit for having. Watch the video below:

Ridiculous Lizard Greets Owner Like A Dog (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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