Rickey Yaneza

Rickey Yaneza writes the Rickey.org blog and sometimes streams as Rickeybot on Twitch. @rickey on Twitter. Featured in New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, MTV News, The Washington Post. Based in NYC.


Rickey Yaneza lives in New York City with his dog CJ 🐕 - a female Vizsla who loves to run around Central Park off-leash in the mornings.

Rickey has been writing journals via e-mail on the Internet since 1998 and officially “blogging” since 2001 and on this domain Rickey.org since 2003. More info on Rickey’s eponymous blog Rickey.org can be found in this about page - written in a mix of first and third person of course because this is confusing.

Rickey can be reached on Twitter at @rickey or via e-mail at rickey at rickey dot org.

Some photos are on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/rickey.tv

Additionally, there are videos here: https://youtube.com/RickeyTV

When reached for comment, he said: “I just want to continue living a simple life and be happy.”