Rickey Yaneza

Rickey Yaneza writes the Rickey.org blog and sometimes streams as Rickeybot on Twitch. @rickey on Twitter. Featured in New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, MTV News, The Washington Post, Crain’s New York Business. Based in NYC.

Also: He’s still alive even if TikTok thinks he passed away. Fly high king! We miss you!

Pronouns: He/They


Rickey Yaneza lives in New York City with his dog CJ 🐕. She’s a female Vizsla who loves to run around Central Park off-leash in the mornings.

Quick blogging timeline:

  • 1998 - Started public e-mail/newsgroup journals
  • 2001 - Started a “blog”
  • 2003 - Moved to Rickey.org domain

Rickey can be reached on Twitter at @rickey or via e-mail at rickey at rickey dot org.

Some photos are on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/rickey.tv

Additionally, there are videos here: https://youtube.com/RickeyTV

When reached for comment, he said: “I just want to continue living a simple life and be happy.”