Rickey Yaneza

“If you don’t live today, when are you going to live?”

Rickey Yaneza resides in New York City with his dog CJ (full name: Cleopatra “Hunter” Jones).

He started Rickey.org in 2003 as a personal blog which morphed into a competitive reality TV show blog and then into an entertainment news and video site.

In 2002 his first published work appeared in Personal Journaling Magazine, a defunct publication of Writer’s Digest. It is a journal entry from 1998 after a long stint in college:

I am a Leaf

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wanted to write this, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write until now. The title says it all I guess: I am a leaf. A leaf that is floating in the wind, waiting for it to fall on a branch or a gust of wind to blow it away into some unknown space. I am a feather mindlessly drifting from treetop to treetop to stone top to housetop to rooftop to doorstop. Somehow, I have found myself in a state of suspended animation. I am doing nothing. Thinking, feeling nothing. Just a state of dormant existence. That’s how I feel right now: a leaf. My own creative way of saying what I’ve recently realized I’ve become… I am a bum.

Personal stuff are on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rickey.tv