Rick Astley Sang ‘Uptown Funk’ and Brought Down the House (VIDEO)

Perennial one-hit wonder Rick Astley is perhaps more well-known as an internet meme than he was at the peak of his success. But now he’s going viral for reasons that have nothing to do with tricking people into watching “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

On Saturday, Astley appeared at Let’s Rock London, a concert festival featuring acts and songs from the 1980s. However, Astley’s performance is only just now gaining attention, thanks to online circulation of his biggest number: a cover of the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars hit that’s pretty much taken over the universe, “Uptown Funk”.

Behold, Rick Astley singing “Uptown Funk” and absolutely bringing down the house:

Rick Astley Sang 'Uptown Funk' and Brought Down the House (VIDEO)

Seriously, that was SO much better than I was ever expecting. Not because I don’t think Astley is a great singer (I’d argue he unquestionably is), but because of how energetic and lively the performance was. From a showmanship standpoint, it damn near rivaled the original. I couldn’t possibly have loved this any more than if I’d been “Rickrolled” into watching it.

But what do you think of Rick Astley’s take on “Uptown Funk”? Sound off in the comments!

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