Rescued Pit Bull Has Best Reaction To Eating Pizza! (Vava-ZOOM!)

Meet Finn - the rescued pit bull that literally has the best reaction ever to eating pizza. I'm so grateful we get to witness this precious pup in action.

Pizza crust zoomies are amazing!

"The Mighty Finn" has his own Facebook page where he and his human lead the crusade against dogfighting. Pit Bulls have such a bad reputation in some Internet circles but this video should change some minds.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

I love pizza and so does my dog. I give it to her during special occasions, though she doesn't get zoomies like Finn. His reaction is something else! I think it's the crunch of the pizza crust plus of course... cheese! I love this.

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Here are even more dogs enjoying pizza... except this time under their human's noses! Dogs will do anything for pizza apparently. Enjoy!