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Rescued Pit Bull Goes From Scared To Smiling (VIDEO)

Every dog deserves a home. But not every dog is able to find one. That’s why the ones that are able to be rescued appear so grateful for it.

In this video, a homeless bulldog/pit bull mix is discovered living alone in the bushes next to a freeway. The dog, whom they later name Tarzan, clearly just needed a little love and affection to begin trusting humans again. It’s incredibly emotional seeing Tarzan gradually rediscover his trust through the rescue team at Hope For Paws. By the time they get him all fed and cleaned up, Tarzan has gone from scared to smiling! He’s an absolute sweetheart, and it’s great to see dogs like Tarzan getting a second chance. Watch the video below:

Rescued Pit Bull Goes From Scared To Smiling (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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