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Rescued Boxer Saves Abandoned Mother Cat And Kittens – So Precious! (VIDEO)

Meet Gina – the Boxer mix that was rescued from her abusive former owners a few years ago. Years later after she was adopted into a loving home, she became a rescuer herself!

She found an abandoned mother cat and her four kittens, and she refused to leave them until her owner took them home. What a heart-warming story!

From YouTube:

Gina is mix breed Boxer rescued years ago, in Athens – Greece. Her previous owner used to have her chained in his yard 24/7 and beat her every day. She also gave birth once during winter time, and her puppies drowned in the mud, as Gina who was chained there could not take them to a safer place. The neighbors kept complaining and calling the police – they said that Gina cried every single night. It took the retarded Greek authorities three years to intervene and remove Gina from her abuser’s care. According to the police report, his house was full of Gina’s blood (old and new stains were everywhere). The abuser was never prosecuted, not even banned from owning a dog again. Gina was soon adopted by a wonderful woman, Mary, when she was three years old. Today she is an eleven year old, healthy and loving dog, who became a rescuer herself. In one of her walks, Gina spotted Lucy, a mother cat, abandoned next to a garbage bin along with her four kittens. She insisted on pulling Mary until she led her to the spot were Lucy and the kittens were. Lucy came home with them and was adopted by Mary. Her four kittens will be up for adoption by SCARS, once they are over two months old.

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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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