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Rescue Puppy Throws Hissy Fit When Mom Says He Can’t Sit On Her Lap (VIDEO)

Some dogs love chilling with their mom. But any discerning pet parent has to set boundaries, such as not allowing a puppy to sit in their lap while in the car. It’s a rule that makes sense, and yet, it doesn’t prevent the puppy in question from throwing an epic temper tantrum over being told no!

In this video, we meet a precious rescue puppy named Napoleon. All little Napoleon wants is to sit in mom’s lap, and he throws a hissy fit in an attempt to get his way. However, mom is driving, so it’s not as if putting him on her lap would be the safest thing in the world. The mixed breed puppy is a furry, adorable little guy, even when he’s getting angry over not getting his way. He’s just super cute, and we can only imagine mom made it up to him by letting him have lap time once they got home. Here’s hoping, anyway. Watch the video below:

Rescue Puppy Throws Hissy Fit When Mom Says He Can't Sit On Her Lap (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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