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Rescue Pit Bulls Dance and Play Together – So Cute! (VIDEO)

When two dogs meet, you never really know how they’re going to respond. Maybe they’ll get along famously. Maybe they’ll be combative. Or maybe, as we see in this video, it’ll be a little bit of both.

In this video, we meet two rescue pit bulls named Cadence and Chance. Not only are they cute, they’ve got a weird way of displaying their newfound friendship. As the video description details, this is “The Pit Bull Dance”. They basically look like they’re taking turns barring each other’s path, and dancing around each other as if testing one. Just watching them play together is adorable, especially when you consider these were two dogs who were desperate and homeless not too long before this video was shot. What a difference a little care and affection makes. Watch the video below:

Rescue Pit Bulls Dance and Play Together - So Cute! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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