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Rescue Dogs Play Dress Up To Help Them Get Adopted – So Adorable! (VIDEO)

An animal shelter in El Dorado, Arkansas started a project that could help their rescue dogs connect to more people and possibly get adopted: dress them up!

Photographer Tammy Swarek took portraits of the dogs dressed up in suits, hats and flowers. I could just imagine how much it was for the dogs.

If you are on the lookout for a pet, please consider a rescue. There are so many of them in a need of a forever home.

From Barcroft TV:

These adorable canine portraits will make any dog lover’s day – and they’re helping to get sheltered pups adopted at the same time. Kind-hearted photographer Tammy Swarek came up with the idea of dressing up rescue dogs to draw attention to their stories and help potential owners personally connect with them. Tammy, from Arkansas, drew her inspiration from Facebook after spotting another portrait project for sheltered animals. So she contacted her local dog shelter, the Union County Animal Protection Society (UCAPS) and has worked closely with shelter manager Tanja Jackson ever since. To make a donation to UCAPS for their amazing work or to give an animal their forever home, visit:

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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