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Rescue Dog Without Voice Box Can Still Bark With the Best of Them (VIDEO)

Before Marshall the Airedale terrier found a forever home, one of his former owners cruelly removed his ability to bark.

Despite this heinous surgery however, Marshall is determined to make noises just like his other dog friends, which makes his humans love him even more.

You can watch Marshall in action above — a living testament to what not to do to your pets.

Wrote his owner on YouTube, “The dog we rescued has no voice box, but he still loves to bark and it sounds awesome. …I couldn’t imagine him sounding any other way.”

“That being said, It is a really cruel practice to remove or cut vocal cords and I wish he could still bark like other dogs. The scar tissue in his throat occasionally gets irritated and he makes sad sniffling noises. Our vet keeps his eye on it.”

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