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Rescue Dog Saves Little Girl from a Rattlesnake (VIDEO)

The DeLuca family may have rescued their 2-year-old German shepherd Haus from shelter life, but it was the pooch doing the rescuing last week.

He returned the favor on Wednesday (May 11) by stepping in and protecting the DeLuca’s 7-year-old daughter Molly from a rattlesnake.

“Haus stood his ground, protecting my daughter and was bitten three times before the snake slithered away,” Haus’ owner wrote on Facebook.

The canine was immediately rushed to a local animal hospital for treatment.

According to the family on their Go Fund Me Page, “He can now stand up; he whines for water. His swelling in his leg has reduced. We are moving in the right direction. They are very hopeful. The care we are receiving is incredible.”

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