Renee Zellweger Almost Looks Like Old Self, Breaks Silence on ‘Bridget Jones’ (VIDEO)

Renee Zellweger is back! And she looks fantastic! E! caught up with the “Bridget Jones’s Baby” star at the LA County Walk to Defeat ALS on Oct. 18 where she participated in honor of her longtime publicist Nanci Ryder.

“It’s really a nice reunion with old friends,” Zellweger said. “And it’s always wonderful to be back in London and I love this character so it’s been a real treat to get to revisit it again.”

So it’s either Renee has figured out how to look great again after her eye surgery, or I’ve totally gotten used to this new face. She looks great.

I cannot wait for the movie now.

Go Renee!!! So happy for you!

Check out the photos and interview below:

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