Regular Car Reviews Pits U.S. vs. Japan With 1989 Nissan S13 Silvia/240SX (VIDEO)

The Women’s World Cup isn’t the only place you can see the U.S. vs. Japan, as the guys from Regular Car Reviews go all-in on the Nissan S13. But there’s a bit of a catch. This week’s review compares and contrasts two different models: Both S13s are from 1989, but one is a USDM (U.S. Domestic Market) and the other is JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). So yeah, rematch time.

It’s yet another surprisingly informative review from a show that makes its mint on the quality of its irreverent jokes. Some of the best parts of the review just feature “Mr. Regular” driving the cars and experiencing the sort of glee that’s reserved for childhood and visits to candy stores. In particular, there’s a really cool little moment where Mr. Regular puts the pedal to the floor to catch “a wild VW Golf” on the highway. The driving segments end up varying from “hey, look what I can do!” in the USDM S13, to “Look at the mistakes I make, because foreign cars are such a different experience” in the JDM S13. Because when you expect the windshield wipers to be on one side and the turn signal on the other, it can be hard to train your brain to see things differently. Either way, his enthusiasm is contagious, and you don’t necessarily have to be into cars to enjoy this review, which is part of what makes these videos so accessible. Anyway, you can watch the full video below:

Regular Car Reviews Goes All-In On the 1989 Nissan S13 Silvia 240SX (VIDEO)

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