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‘Reality Check’: The Trouble With Harry Connick Jr. on ‘American Idol XIV’ (VIDEO)‘s resident reality TV expert Michael Slezak is back with American Idol 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle for an all-new episode of Reality Check, as the duo takes a look into the highs and lows of the week for American Idol XIV and The Voice 8!

This is one of the more dramatic episodes of the season, as Michael and Melinda get into a HUGE disagreement over Quentin Alexander’s performance of “Dark Side” on Top 9 night of American Idol XIV. They also go into detail over the trouble with Harry Connick Jr.’s critiques for Joey Cook, and some of his other deficiencies as a judge (such as the try-too-hard comedy). They also explore the issues with Clark Beckham — namely that he’s being overpraised. (Of course, this only draws more disagreement) The hosts also examine if Kelly Clarkson Night has resulted in a clear Top 5 emerging, or if there’s any way one of the three other singers could find a way in. Naturally, a lot of heated debate emerges, and it leads to a lot of insightful critique on what the contestants are doing right, and what they’re doing wrong. Side note: this level of debate has brought me to the realization that we’re basically getting two awesome reality singing competition seasons airing concurrently. I can’t remember the last time seasons of Idol and The Voice have been this good simultaneously, and it’s making my job as a recapper a virtual breeze, since the bulk of it is so enjoyable. Anyway, back on topic. Michael and Melinda switch over to The Voice, as they talk about their favorites heading into live shows, and whether they even care which coach wins this season or not. It’s an awesome episode, as always, and well worth a look!

Check out the latest episode of Reality Check below via TVLine:

'Reality Check' The Trouble With Harry Connick Jr., and the Praise for Clark Beckham (VIDEO)

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