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‘Reality Check’: The Cruelty of the Rachael/Maddie Sing-Off on ‘American Idol XIV’ (VIDEO)

TVLine’s resident American Idol expert Michael Slezak is back for an all-new episode of Reality Check alongside American Idol 6 standout Melinda Doolittle!

This week, the duo discusses the House of Blues/Final Judgment round of American Idol XIV, as the Top 24 was revealed. It’s an interesting episode, as Michael Slezak’s pick for No. 1 this week is pretty surprising. But how will America make its choice? Is Rayvon Owen too subtle for American Idol? Is Clark Beckham too soulful? Could this season have the deepest bench of talent of any season in recent memory? Could this be one of the best seasons in a while, even if America gets it wrong in a few places? It’s a lively discussion, as always.

But that’s not all they discuss, as Michael and Melinda are absolutely spot-on in their assessment of the cruel sing-off between Rachael Hallack and Maddie Walker. It was the judges basically admitting that they were bringing back Maddie based on appearance, while also letting the other girl know that she’s not captivating enough for them to be certain about their decision, which is kind of a lousy thing to say before putting someone on the spot.

Seriously, I had absolutely no attachment to Rachael before, since we hardly ever saw her beyond an audition preview, but I’m still angry about how that sing-off went down. Such a total black eye on the season. And Michael and Melinda are irked about it too.

But enough about my opinion. Find out what Michael and Melinda had to say about the American Idol XIV Top 24 reveal by watching the latest episode of Reality Check below:

'Reality Check' The Cruelty of the Rachael Maddie Sing-Off on 'American Idol XIV' (VIDEO)

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