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‘Reality Check’: Quentin Alexander Talks ‘American Idol’ Journey, Harry Incident (VIDEO)‘s resident reality TV expert Michael Slezak is back with a Reality Check exit interview with American Idol XIV sixth place finisher, Quentin Alexander!

In this exit interview, Quentin talks about his journey on American Idol this season, addressing his choices behind some of his arrangements, from “You’re the One That I Want” to “In the Air Tonight”. He also discusses which theme week intimidated him the most, and how he processed the constant critiques of his pitch. In addition, Quentin discusses some of his outrageous fashion choices. What kinds of conversations did he have with the stylists, and how did he come up with his unique fashions?

And, of course, Quentin also gets into his controversial clash with Harry Connick Jr., explaining why he felt he needed to address the “disrespecting the hand that feeds you” comment, and just how difficult it is to perform immediately after such a tense moment, whether it’s a misunderstanding with Harry or simply learning that you’re safe and/or in the Bottom 2 for that week. It’s an absolutely fascinating interview that allows Quentin to tell his side of the story, and express just what his Idol journey was like. I loved this. Check out the full video below:

'Reality Check' Quentin Alexander Talks 'American Idol' Journey, Harry Incident (VIDEO)

These exit interviews are always great, and I’m just discovering Joey Cook did one as well (Can’t believe I missed it! Turns out, I was subscribed to TVLine’s YouTube page, but not Michael Slezak’s. Arrrgghhhh!!!). And, trust me, that interview is well worth a look (you can check it out here!), especially if you dug this talk with Quentin.

I still really like Quentin, and I hope he goes on to do big things. He’s a genuine talent, and I think he has a lot of artistry and individuality to offer. This interview illustrates just what a likable, mature guy he is, and how the Idol machine hasn’t swallowed up his uniqueness. I’m interested to see what he does in the future.

But what did you think of the interview? Sound off in the comments!

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