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‘Reality Check’: Nick Fradiani Talks ‘Idol’ Win, ‘AGT’ Past, ‘Boring’ Performances, More (VIDEO)‘s resident reality TV expert Michael Slezak is back with a Reality Check exit interview with American Idol XIV WINNER, Nick Fradiani!

In this exit interview, Nick Fradiani discusses his path to American Idol, from his past as an America’s Got Talent finalist to his decision to audition for Idol after earning his master’s degree (another Nick with a master’s! A man after my own heart!). He also goes into why he thought some of his performances in the early stages of the competition were absolutely “boring”, in addition to talking about how difficult it was to transition from America’s Got Talent (where he had his band with him) to American Idol (where he was a solo artist). And that’s not all, as Nick talks about what ever happened to his girlfriend from auditions, the awkwardness of making it when she didn’t, his reaction to hearing “Beautiful Life” for the first time, and just how surreal it is to actually WIN American Idol when you weren’t ever really a frontrunner.

Check out the full exit interview video with Nick Fradiani below:

'Reality Check' Nick Fradiani Talks 'Idol' Win, 'AGT' Past, 'Boring' Performances, More (VIDEO)

This was a fascinating interview, with some cool bits, such as Nick talking about the song he absolutely butchered the lyrics to during the competition, and Nick explaining how he plans to differentiate himself from some of the other less successful winners. I loved the discussion of song choice, particularly since he waved off some song choices that I thought would have fit him beautifully, like “Walking In Memphis” by Marc Cohn, or “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. That latter pick was the real tragedy, in my opinion, and I have absolutely no idea why the songwriter wouldn’t clear it. I can only imagine they hate money. But the upside to this revelation is that we now know Nick actually WAS willing to take risks, but just couldn’t get any of the songs he wanted to do cleared. I mean, yeah, he could have picked different songs to rearrange, but I felt like the themes were somewhat limiting this year for everybody.

That said, I found it super charming that Nick actually watched Reality Check every week! Makes him seem cooler that he takes all this time to listen to different opinions about his run in the competition. And it’s kind of endearing to learn just how long it took Nick to realize he could actually win. Seriously, this made me a bigger Nick fan than I was already. Just great stuff, from start to finish.

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