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‘Reality Check’: Is ‘American Idol XIV’ A Male Season? (VIDEO)

TVLine’s American Idol expert Michael Slezak is back for an all-new Reality Check alongside co-host and American Idol 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle!

This week, the hosts tackle the second half of Hollywood Week, as the competition was whittle down to just 48 contestants. While I can’t exactly say I’m surprised by their picks for favorites this week, I did think they made a lot of good points mainly centered on the male-driven nature of this season. On the one hand, we do have plenty of awesome female contestants this season, from Joey Cook to Jax. On the other hand, it’s kind of weird when someone like Jess Lamb gets cut without an explanation, and it’s doubly weird when you have to look up online to find out whether or not an awesome talent like Sarina-Joi Crowe actually made it through or not. In short, it just feels like the show cares far less about the women than they do about the guys, and while the live shows might change that, I can’t really say I’d be all that shocked if we make it to Top 7 and there’s 5 guys to 2 girls, if that. Of course, it’s a bit too early to start making those sorts of predictions. I mean, the guys outnumbering the girls might end up being the right result, for all we know. At this rate, at least, I don’t think there are any guarantees about how this season is going to play out.

But Michael and Melinda had a lot more to discuss than just the male-centric focus of this season. Which acts were their favorites, which were their disappointments, what is Melinda’s BIGGEST rule if you’re going to be a contestant on this show, and which former frontrunner is Michael ready to see eliminated? It’s another awesome episode as always, so check out the full video for this week’s Reality Check below:

'Reality Check' Is 'American Idol XIV' A Male Season (VIDEO)

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