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‘Reality Check’: Is American Idol 2016 ‘The La’Porsha and Trent Show’? (VIDEO)‘s resident reality TV expert Michael Slezak is back with American Idol 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle for the latest episode of Reality Check, as the duo gives their thoughts on the farewell season of American Idol and Season 10 of The Voice!

Reality Check is back with a big two-part episode, as Michael and Melinda explore the highs and lows of the American Idol Top 6 show, as America once again put one of the week’s best performers in the Bottom 3. However, the elimination of Avalon Young seems like a bit of a secondary story this week, as Michael and Melinda set forth the theory that American Idol just might be The La’Porsha and Trent Show, as both La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon were the standouts. What made their performances so special, and how can the other four remaining contestants bounce back? Michael and Melinda also get into some of the highlights of the second week of Blind Auditions on The Voice, as a new contender emerges to challenge Alisan Porter as the contestant to beat this season! It’s yet another insightful, potentially divisive episode, but it’s worth it to get your weekly fix of reality singing show analysis. Watch the video below:

'Reality Check' Is American Idol 2016 'The La'Porsha and Trent Show' (VIDEO)


I actually disagree with Michael and Melinda this week, believe it or not. Watching back the performances, not only did I like Trent’s performance a lot less than I initially did, I realized MacKenzie’s was actually my favorite of the week. He not only brought tenderness to his vocal, I felt he imbued it with emotion. More than any other performance of his, I felt he was singing this to somebody, and that made a world of difference. MacKenzie has always been among the frontrunners, in my opinion, and I thought this was his best week. This isn’t to say that La’Porsha and Trent didn’t smash it, but I felt MacKenzie hasn’t lost nearly as much momentum as Michael and Melinda suggest.

With that said, I can see where they’re coming from with Dalton, even though he’s still my favorite contestant in the competition. I think part of it is that Dalton has been somewhat shackled by the limited song lists, which were considerably more varied in Hollywood Week and the Semi-Finals than now. Soul singers like La’Porsha and Trent tend to do better with Idol’s standard fare, because the song choices tend to favor their style of music. How many times have we heard songs like “Come Together” and “Stand By Me”? This isn’t to knock what La’Porsha and Trent accomplished, but that Top 6 theme was downright awful, and resulted in contestants getting saddled with some seriously played out songs, particularly in the duet round. So I’m torn. All I know right now is that we’re poised to have an interesting week, since the Judges’ Save is gone, and the competition is still very much in flux, with Tristan really stepping it up the past few weeks, and Sonika being poised to make a comeback after her Bottom 3 appearance. Here’s hoping this week’s show delivers in a big way.

As for The Voice, I agree that Owen can be a threat, but I’m actually feeling Ryan Quinn as a potential winner. He seems like a Josh Kaufman-style threat to just steamroll his way to the end of the competition once America gets the chance to vote. I could be getting this hilariously wrong, but I just never really got the sense that Alisan Porter would win this show. She’ll definitely go far, but it’s been nearly five seasons since a woman has won this competition, and a female coach has never won, period. That isn’t to say that a woman will never win this show again, or that a female coach can’t win this season, but this is a really strong field of contestants this season, so it’ll be a pretty tall order. Of course, the big narrative of this season has been that curses are meant to be broken, so I’m absolutely in favor of Christina finally doing what no other female coach has done. In fact, it’s the outcome I’m actively rooting for, since Christina has been doing this so damn long, I feel like she deserves to win the damn thing. I also think she has the strongest team, when it comes to pure vocalists, so I think she actually has her best chance in years with this group. It’s just that I’m not 100% convinced it’s going to be Alisan. I think Joe Maye, Tamar Davis, and Ayanna JahneĆ© are worth keeping an eye on. Either way, I’m amped for this season to kick into high gear.

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