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‘Reality Check’: Controversial Opinions on the Final ‘American Idol’ Auditions (VIDEO)‘s resident reality TV expert Michael Slezak is back with American Idol 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle for the latest episode of Reality Check, as the duo gives their thoughts on the farewell season of American Idol!

The auditions come to a close, as last week saw the final American Idol auditions ever. Of course, with that final audition episode came a whole host of controversial opinions about who the best acts of the week were, and which acts deserved to have their Golden Ticket revoked. I think this is some of the most debate I’ve seen between Michael and Melinda this early into a season, but it makes for a very compelling watch. After all, this show wouldn’t be nearly as good, or anywhere near as insightful, if these two simply agreed with each other all the time. That said, I think some of their favorites will be surprising to some viewers, while their Golden Ticket veto picks (particularly Michael’s) are some of the most stunning he’s made since instituting the veto. All in all, this is another awesome episode of Reality Check for what’s shaping up to be a solid season for the show. Watch the video below:

'Reality Check' Controversial Opinions on the Final 'American Idol' Auditions (VIDEO)


I couldn’t possibly disagree more with Michael vetoing Adam Lasher’s Golden Ticket. For me, he was one of the highlights of the entire week, representing a tremendous growth that’s rarely seen from year-to-year among returnees. Seriously, this Adam Lasher is leagues different from the weird, trippy-looking Adam Lasher we got last year. While I do agree that his version of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” didn’t really hold up as well on a repeat viewing, I still think it was easily stronger than some of the people who sailed through to Hollywood inexplicably (like that “Unchained Melody” guy). Of course, I’m not exactly mad at Michael or anything, since 1) he’s entitled to his opinion, and 2) he does admit that Adam deserves to be in Hollywood. But for a minute there, I was genuinely shocked by his pick to snatch Adam’s ticket (and Melinda seemed shocked too!).

With that said, I’m on the fence about Michael vetoing Joy Dove’s ticket. I was all about her in last Wednesday night’s live blog, but watching it back, it’s a performance that’s better suited to something like The X Factor. She’s got a great personality, and I would imagine she’d have a lot of stage presence and star quality, but I’m not sure the voice is where it needs to be just yet. However, I do have faith that she’ll be able to shape up for Hollywood Week and deliver something that holds up to closer scrutiny, because whether or not her audition was a great vocal, I do think she clearly has a voice that’s worth hearing. I really like Joy Dove and want her to succeed, but I just don’t know if it’ll happen. And yet, once again, even if I’m retroactively less thrilled about her performance than I was initially, she still did better than a lot of other people who sailed through.

But what do you think of this week’s show? Do you agree with their favorites and their dislikes? Sound off in the comments!

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