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‘Reality Check’: Can Trent Harmon Win American Idol 2016? Who Should Finish Fourth? (VIDEO)‘s resident reality TV expert Michael Slezak is back with American Idol 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle for the latest episode of Reality Check, as the duo gives their thoughts on the farewell season of American Idol and Season 10 of The Voice!

This week, Michael and Melinda dedicate a full twenty minutes to the Top 4 performance show on American Idol. The discussion invariably goes to the outstanding week Trent Harmon had, knocking both of his performances out of the ballpark, and stepping forward as a real frontrunner to potentially take the Idol crown from current frontrunner La’Porsha Renae. But can he actually do it? Or is La’Porsha too far out ahead? And who should go home in fourth place this week? Michael and Melinda break down the respective performances in minute detail, making cases for each of the remaining finalists while also exploring their weaknesses, all in the hunt for some sort of consensus about who should go home, who should advance, and who should actually win this season. Both Michael and Melinda also get into some of the excellent coaching choices from the guest mentors this week, some of the lousy comments from the judges, and a quick peek-in over at The Voice, as the hosts explore whether this season’s frontrunner might have overdone it a bit. It’s an interesting pair of videos, and they’re bringing me to the gradual realization that I might just end up missing Reality Check as much, if not more, than American Idol once this season is over. So now is the time to enjoy Reality Check, for as long as we have it! Watch the videos below:

'Reality Check' Can Trent Harmon Win American Idol 2016 Who Should Finish Fourth (VIDEO)


While Trent Harmon definitely had an amazing week, I think Michael and Melinda underrated Dalton. I’m not saying Dalton had an amazing week from a vocal standpoint, but I think the emotion with which he imbued each of the performances made his work one of the week’s big highlights. There was just such depth of feeling there, which isn’t to say that similar emotion was lacking from Trent or La’Porsha’s performances. It’s simply that I don’t think we should count Dalton out just yet. I could easily see him making the Top 3. Granted, I don’t expect he will, since I think MacKenzie might have the edge on him a little bit (and I’d be stunned if La’Porsha or Trent found themselves in danger). But the more I see Dalton grow from one week to the next, the more I wish this hadn’t been an accelerated season, because I think we’d be around Top 7 right now, and Dalton would be just hitting his stride. Of course, you could make the argument that someone who plans on winning really ought to be bringing it every single week, rather than peaking at the right moment late in the competition. But…well, I’m not sure I’d have a counterargument to that, actually, other than to say that not every great artist is a complete package right out the gate.

But back to the subject of Trent. He’s a great singer, but I’m not entirely ready to declare him the winner just yet, even while I think I’d actually prefer him as a winner to La’Porsha. Trent is a versatile singer who’s dynamic with his song choices and his performance style, tackling everything from Sam Smith and Kelly Clarkson to Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. But he just doesn’t feel current. I mean, if he’s given the right music, he easily could. It’s simply a matter of pairing him with the right songs. “Chandelier”? Totally! “Like I Can”? Not so much. Then again, being current isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for winning this show. And really, I don’t know that La’Porsha is necessarily more or less current than Trent, so I think they’re about on equal footing. Maybe Trent will win, maybe he won’t. Maybe neither Trent NOR La’Porsha will win. Stranger things have happened, after all. I mean, we’re ten years removed from Chris Daughtry going home in fourth place. We could really be in store for a Top 4 shocker. If nothing else, it should make for a nailbiter of a show when it’s time to find out the results this week.

But what did you think of this week’s Reality Check? Do you agree or disagree with Michael and Melinda’s opinions? Sound off in the comments!

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