Rayvon Owen: ‘My American Idol Family Is Now Closer After Coming Out’

“American Idol” star Rayvon Owen came out as gay in the music video for his new single “Can’t Fight It” and in an interview with Billboard magazine earlier this week.

I talked to Rayvon over the phone today where he adds a few details about his coming out with his family and his extended family on “American Idol.” He said that surprisingly he’s closer to them now than ever before.

As he said in his Billboard interview, by coming out, he hopes to start a conversation within the communities that he is a part of such as African American families in the South who are very religious.

Rayvon still has a bit of catching up with this season’s “American Idol” show but he hopes to be part of the series finale at least in the audience.

I’m so happy for Rayvon! Looking forward to all the stuff he has in store after this.

Press play to listen to the interview below.

Source: Rayvon Owen

Source: Rayvon Owen

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