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Rayvon Owen brings the gravy to ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ on American Idol Top 7

Rayvon Owen sang “Set Fire To The Rain” on American Idol XIV on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 for Billboard Hot 100 night.

Rayvon Owen was in the Bottom 2 and America saved him again on Twitter.

From our live blog:

Keith felt that was the performance of a man singing for his life, and although he felt something was missing in the chorus, he still thought Rayvon did a good job. J-Lo agrees, saying that he really sang his butt off, even though she isn’t sure it was the best song for him. Harry asks Rayvon what his “gravy” is, and he responds by saying that his passion is to inspire people, and to give all glory to God for the gift He’s given him. Afterwards, Ryan comes in to talk with Rayvon, and Harry gets on Ryan’s case for not being as passionate as Rayvon just was. Ryan comes back with a killer, self-effacing observation: “I’ve made a living being boring.”

Rayvon Owen

Rayvon Owen brings the gravy in 'Set Fire To The Rain' on American Idol Top 7

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