Raging Racist Has Complete Meltdown At Black Family At North Carolina Hospital (VIDEO)

A shrieking volunteer at a North Carolina hospital was caught on video kicking out a black family from a family resource center. Racist fury is alive and well in America unfortunately.

Isaiah Baskins who uploaded the video on YouTube said the unidentified woman called him the n-word before who took out his smartphone to record her.

From Isaiah Baskins:

Went to Baptist hospital for my daughter appointment and went into the family resource center and became a victim of racism before I started recording she called me a nigger and said get my black kids out We wasent bothering anybody I was just taking to someone I just met in the hospital. After i grap my camera she say my pants and gray underweare keep it real u called me a nigger and my kid little black kids. Out of no where she flips and put me and my kids out them pushes me and kicks me Racism is still real Wake forest baptist medical center.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

According to RAW STORY, the hospital has apologized and said the woman is no longer a volunteer there.

Press play to watch the video below.

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