Rafael Dos Anjos Predicts Conor McGregor Will ‘Break Like a Girl’ (VIDEO)

In an interview with The MMA Hour, UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos made a bold prediction for his upcoming UFC 196 title defense against featherweight champion Conor McGregor, declaring that the “Notorious” fighter will “break like a girl.”

“My prediction is, I’m going to win for sure,” dos Anjos stated. “I don’t see how this guy can beat me. But, a prediction — this fight will not be five rounds. It’s going to be maybe three or two rounds. This guy, he’s not going to be able handle me for more than two rounds. He’s going to break. He’s going to break like a girl.”

Rafael Dos Anjos Predicts Conor McGregor Will 'Break Like a Girl' (VIDEO)

Naturally, this is far more than business for dos Anjos, as McGregor recently called the lightweight champ a traitor to Brazil, and basically called his fellow Kings MMA fighters “bums”.

I guess we’ll find out on March 5 if dos Anjos is correct in his prediction.

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